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A Courtyard in Arles, France

I’ve been on a bit of a break this past year, but there are more stories to tell. During my break from blogging, I pursued another passion—sketching with pen and ink and watercolors. I found some online courses through Sketchbook Skool and it really helped me stick to a practice of doing a bit of art each day. Keeping a sketchbook really adds another dimension to one’s travels. It helps to slow down and get a better sense of place. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a beautiful piazza and listening to the musical sounds of the Italian language while sketching.

A piazza in Reggio Emilia

Now that we are back in Italy, look for more posts about our adventures. We are slow travelers, so we stay in one place and make an effort to explore the roads less traveled.

We’ll also venture into northern Portugal at the end of our trip. Stay tuned.

About msraaka

I am an artist, writer and desktop publishing consultant living in the Pacific Northwest. After our first visit to Italy, my husband Bob and I have found ways to spend more and more time there and other countries in Europe. We love to travel, but especially to stay in one area and get a better sense of place. I love learning languages, so I continue to study Italian, French and Spanish so I can communicate a bit more with the locals. Even learning the basic greetings can make a big difference.
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12 Responses to Back to Blogging

  1. You might recall we meet in Cagli and we were staying upstairs !!
    We are in Parma at the moment and look forward to your blog..

    • msraaka says:

      Hi Lorraine!
      We are in the Dolomites right now hiking. I am getting ready to post about our 2 days in Cremona, which is an easy train ride from Parma. It’s a fun town to visit, especially if you’re into music. I’ll post soon.

  2. Most important I forgot you sketches are amazing 😉

  3. Marsha Riek says:

    YAY!! I always love your travel blog. Your sketches with watercolors are fabulous. You have captured the colors and the feel of Italy! Kudos!

  4. NaidaGee says:

    Delighted that you are back to blogging, Martie–this time with your heart-stopping sketches and watercolors. I’m sure it does help you truly get a sense of the place, but it helps us armchair travelers to do the same. Thank you!!

  5. Colleen says:

    Your sketching so reminds me of your Dad! So happy you are back to blogging! Happy travels!

  6. Love your little sketches. You might like my friend Mary Lou Peters work – she is an artist and has travelled with me several times in Europe. I am a tour guide and I specialise in ‘small group’ travel in Italy. Mary Lou has recorded our last few trips!

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