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A Few Towns in Sardinia

Laconi Most of the towns in Sardinia are small and quiet, especially when you venture into the center of the island. Having a car for part of our trip gave us the opportunity to get out into the countryside to … Continue reading

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Walks in Sardinia

Sardinia is a big island and we won’t cover even half of it. But, this map shows the four main areas we’ll see. Right now we’re on the east coast in the Ogliastra area (right side of the map). We … Continue reading

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Easter in Sardinia

We took a short flight from Milan to the town of Alghero on the northwest side of Sardinia. Alghero was a Spanish stronghold for many years and you see the Spanish influence in their architecture, food and street signs, often … Continue reading

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Milan has often served as an arrival or departure city for Italy and nothing more. It seemed too big, confusing and modern for our tastes. But the last time we passed through, we had more time to explore the old … Continue reading

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