More Murals from Sardinia

The murals in Orgosolo really were interesting and well done. Here are a few more samples of what we found. There’s a variety of themes and styles, too.






About msraaka

I am an artist, writer and desktop publishing consultant living in the Pacific Northwest. After our first visit to Italy, my husband Bob and I have found ways to spend more and more time there and other countries in Europe. We love to travel, but especially to stay in one area and get a better sense of place. I love learning languages, so I continue to study Italian, French and Spanish so I can communicate a bit more with the locals. Even learning the basic greetings can make a big difference.
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2 Responses to More Murals from Sardinia

  1. NaidaGee says:

    These are breathtaking, Marrtie! Just goes to show, you can’t have too much public art!

  2. NaidaGee says:

    These are gorgeous! Just goes to show, you can’t have too much public art!

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